Getting Started

The first person to login to iClubMembers must be the Club Administrator. Use the login parameters provided when your subscription was activiated to complete the Admin login and then follow the steps below to setup your club.

  1. Login as "Admin" using the password provided when your subscription was activated. A successful login will open the Main Switchboard.
  2. On the Main Switchboard, click the Change Password link on the Links Bar at the top of the form.
  3. Save a new Admin password to protect control of your club's information. When you have saved a new Admin password, click the Close link in the Links Bar to return to the Main Switchboard.
  4. Click Administrative Functions link on the Main Switchboard.
  5. Update and save the basic club information. Be sure to click the Save button to save your changes. You can also upload a customized banner image and report logo, but don't make any changes now.
  6. Click the Members link in the Links Bar of the Administrative Functions form.
  7. The Members - Edit form will open showing a blank form. Enter your name and member information. Check the Reset Password checkbox and be sure to also check the Yes option for Admin Status. Click the Save button to add yourself as a new member of the club. Since you gave yourself Admin status, you will now be able to login as yourself and manage your club database.
  8. Click the Close link on the Members form returning to the Administrative Functions form.
  9. Click the Close link on the Administrative Functions form returning to the Main Switchboard.
  10. Click the Exit link on the Main Switchboard returning to the Login form.
  11. Login as yourself using the password "1234". This assumes you checked the reset password link when you added your name.
  12. Return to the Members form and complete your information and begin adding other members.
  13. When you have finished adding members names, you can send an e-mail to members informing them that iClubMembers is ready for use.

When you have completed these basic steps, feel free to navigate around the software and explore all of the options. Click the Help link in the Links Bar of each form for more specific information.

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