The Email page is opened by clicking the Email link on the Administrative Functions' Links Bar. Only Administrators are allowed to send Email. Complete the form as required and then click the Send button. A confirmation message will be displayed showing the number of Emails processed and those with errors.


From: This field is already completed for members with Administrator status. A valid Email address must be associated with the member in order for the Email to be processed. If you login as "Admin," the From field will be a free field. The field must be completed using this format: (FirstName LastName).

To: A number of distribution lists are available.

CC and BCC: Enter valid Email addresses (format: (FirstName LastName)) for carbon copy and blind carbon copy recipients. In most cases, these fields are left blank.

Subject: Enter the subject for the Email.

Format: Select the Plain Text option to send the body of the Email without any formating. If you select the HTML option, the body must include properly formatted HTML text.

Body: This is the main text of the Email message. If you send similar periodic messages (e.g., monthly meetings) you are encouraged to keep a copy of the message as a text file or other document. Make changes to the body text in the other application and then copy the text into the Body field.

Attachment: To append an attachment to the Email, click the Browse button and locate the file on your hard drive. The maximum attachment size is 2 MB. Attempting to attach a file over 4 MB will generate a "Page not available" error.

Click the Send button to process the Email message.

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