Administrative functions

This form is opened by clicking the Administrative Functions link on the Main Switchboard. Only club Administrators will be able to open this form.

Administrative functions

Enter the requested club information and click the Save button. Some fields can only be edited by the iClubMembers' Primary Administrator. This is the person that has administrative control over the software's installation on the server.

Most fields on the form are self explanatory, but a few fields merit special mention. The Culture field will change the displayed language on forms and reports and also define date and number formats. While the Banner Image and Reports Logo fields can't be edited, new images can be uploaded by clicking the appropriate Upload link. The WebSite field must contain a fully qualified URL, (e.g.,

Additional administrative functions can be accessed by clicking the links in the Links Bar at the top of the form:
Members: Add, edit, and delete club members and guests.
Reports: Print membership lists, badges, and cards.
Email: Send emails to members and guests.
Labels: Customize labels and club questions.
Colors: Customize colors displayed on forms.
Help: Open this Help topic.
Close: Return to the Main Switchboard.

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