Members - Public Information

The Members - Public Information form is opened by clicking the View members link on the Main Switchboard. The Members - Public Information form is primarily intended to help facilitate networking between club members. Being able to associate a name with a face is an effective way to build synergy within the club. Only member information defined as public is displayed. Information can't be edited on this form, but specific information can be edited or hidden by the member on the Members - Edit form opened from the Main Switchboard.

Login Form

Select the desired member's information to display in the dropdown list or use the Next and Previous buttons to cycle through all of the members.

Login Form

If the member has made their address public, clicking the map link will open a mapping service in a new window so you can see if the member lives near you.

If the member has made their phone number public, it will be displayed.

If the member has made their e-mail public, you can click the e-mail link to send an e-mail to the member.

If the member has answered the club's standard questions, the responses will be displayed.

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