Main Switchboard

The Main Switchboard is the entry point for iClubMembers. The form opens showing the Club and Member names that were entered on the Login form. All main forms are opened from the Main Switchboard.

The links displayed on the Main Switchboard depend on whether or not the member has Administrator status. In the examples shown below, Slim Pickens does not have Administrator status but Mary Hadalam does. Only Administrators will see the Administrative function link.

MSB - Slim Pickens      MSB - Slim Pickens

Link descriptions:

View members: Opens the public listing of the club's members.

Edit my information: Allows the logged in member to edit their public information and set preferences.

My Name Badge: Prints the logged in member's name badge. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

My Membership Card: Prints the logged in member's membership card. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader)

Administrative functions: Provides access to the club's administrative functions. Only members with Administrator status will see this link.

The Links Bar at the top of the page provides additional functionality.

Change Password: Allows the logged in member to change their login password.

Help: Opens this Help topic.

Exit: Returns to the Login form.

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